5 Tips to Moving a Tree in Edmonton, Alberta

Tree moving tips in Edmonton

5 Tips to Moving a Tree in Edmonton, Alberta

5 Tips to Moving a Tree in Edmonton

There are many reasons that a tree needs to be relocated.  Here is an Edmonton Tree Transplant guide! Transplanting trees is possible if you do it right but it is not as simple as planting new ones.  This guide will walk you through moving a young tree. If you follow these 5 tips, your tree will make the move and flourish in the new space.

Tree Transplant Edmonton

1. Plan. Make a good plan.  Moving a tree is not an easy task!  Trees are heavy and large; the root system is larger than you would expect.  Get help.  More people make moving it much easier.  Do you have the right tools?

You will need the following:

  • Pointed shovel
  • Watering hose
  • Burlap Tarp
  • Mulch or planting soil
  • Tree cutters
  • Possibly a dolly or wheelbarrow

2. Timing. Edmonton has harsh winters.  No surprise to anyone who lives here.  They are very hard on a tree and typically moving in the fall is an option but it will stress the tree in Edmonton’s climate.  Summer also is a poor choice to move a tree as it will also stress the tree.  If you want your transplant to be successful the best time in Edmonton is in the spring.  It will allow the tree a full season to grow in their new location.

3. Digging. Dig a new hole in the new location.  The hole will have to be two to three times as large as the root ball of the tree.  You can’t have too big of a hole but you can have too small of one.  Make sure it is moist and well-watered.  You want the soil to be as loose as possible.

Then you have to dig up your tree.  This is the hard part that will require the most effort.  Make sure your tarp or burlap is close by.  Start digging around 3 feet away from the trunk of the tree.  You will soon find out where the root-ball is.  You will have to cut through some of the root system but try not to damage the root-ball.

4. Re-planting. You’ll have to move your tree using your wheelbarrow or dolly.  Gently slide the tree from your tarp into the hole you dug earlier.  Do not loosen the soil around the root-ball as it is critical for the tree’s survival.  Place the tree upright and start adding soil.  Water the new soil as you fill the hole.  When you are finished filling the hole gently pack it down so the tree does not fall over and place mulch on the top.

5. Care for the tree. The tree has gone through a huge shock!  Make sure you water it daily for a few minutes.  It will help the tree establish new roots.  If you take good care of the tree and are gentle it has a good chance to survive.


Moving a mature tree is a more involved process.  Please contact an Arborist if you want to move a mature tree.  The certified Arborists at Arbor Man Tree Care would be happy to help.

If you are hardcore DIY person here is an extensive mature Tree Moving Guide.

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