7 Reasons to Choose a Certified Arborist

Homegrown tree specialists Arbor Man Tree Care have your tree care needs covered year-round!  Their team are all ISA Certified Arborists focused on leadership and excellence in their industry.

Based in Edmonton, serving local and surrounding areas, founding expert Mike, his partner in skill, knowledge and care, Ken, and their group of 7 experienced ISA Certified Arborists bring answers and attention to any of your questions or concerns.

Here are some specific details about why you might choose an ISA Certified  Arborist

  1. Expertise
  2. Pruning is difficult
  3. Safety
  4. Knowing where to plant
  5. Cabling and bracing
  6. Lightning protection
  7. Tree health

1. Expertise

Arboricultural operations require equipment and training that are often outside the scope of Landscape Architecture. Providing proper care for sick and old trees and following pruning standards are unique qualities of a trained Arborist.

Becoming a Certified Arborist involves several years of experience and education and continued immersion in current best practices.

2. Pruning is Difficult

Proper tree pruning follows specific standards to maintain tree appearance, wellness, longevity, and safety.

If a tree is overgrown anywhere, its limbs can put negative pressure on each other and cause structural damage. You want any excess weight removed to keep your tree robust, fresh, and receptive to light and airflow so it has maximum potential for long life and can better weather the seasons.

Any damaged or sick areas can grow and infect the rest of the tree exponentially if not effectively pruned or removed.

3. Safety

The trees on your property can pose a safety risk to you, your home, and others if not expertly looked after.

Storm preparation is invaluable with any area that experiences severe weather. An inspection for decay or weaknesses can help save your investment from snow, high winds, flooding or drought.

Tree removal can be tricky, particularly if the tree has suffered from pest infestation, sickness, or death. Large tree removal may be dangerous if not handled properly.

A reputable Arborist will carry liability insurance to safeguard you, your home and them.

4. Knowing where to plant

Planting trees means considering more than where you would aesthetically like them to enhance your property. They must be spaced a certain distance apart or away from other things you might be growing and planted at a certain depth to flourish. Trees survive best if they are planted relatively shallowly in suitable soil to get enough nourishment from water, air, and the sun. They must be given preventative treatment to limit their risk of exposure to insects, disease, and decay.

An Arborist can be a valuable tool if you already have improperly planted trees on your property that are unhealthy or posing a safety risk.

5. Cabling and Bracing

Trees close to homes, other buildings, or people, often require additional structural support for added security. These preservation measures can be an Arborist installing cables or bracing rods.

As trees mature and inclement weather bears down on them, they can become unable to sustain the weight of their branches. This is where cabling or bracing rods come in to help even the weight distribution and lengthen the life of the tree.

Cabling can be a great alternative to pruning a mature tree that might have drooping foliage affecting people and cars passing nearby.

6. Tree Health

Just like their owners, trees need a visit from the doctor if they are looking a little worse for wear.

Abnormalities in colour, texture and leaf formation can indicate your tree has a pest or disease requiring treatment to prevent spreading or loss of the tree.

Insect infestation can be immediately noticeable with wilting, drooping or holes from boring. Insects that bring destructive qualities to your garden can suck the life out of your trees. Insect attack is preventable with an experienced Arborist who can salvage your tree with their expertise.

Do not let a minor problem become an insurmountable epidemic.

Trees are living, breathing, complex creatures just like us. They require experienced, professional care to keep looking strong and to ensure they don’t pose a safety risk.

The Arbor Man Tree Care experts have significant experience in the Edmonton region. You can trust your trees to their well-trained staff.  Call today!

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The top 7 Reasons to Choose a Certified Arborist
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