Do Arborists Work in the Winter?

Most people don’t associate tree work with the winter. Winter is when our trees have lost all their leaves, leaving a few branches and a bare trunk. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that our trees are dead or serve no purpose. Winter months are a significant period for getting some work done on your trees, especially if you have many in and around your home or property.

What kind of work does an arborist perform in winter?

Arborists may have a reputation for cultivating trees, so it’s often hard to imagine what they might get up to during the winter. There are many important jobs for an arborist to perform during the cold season, and here are a couple of examples:

Protecting Trees

Trees can be particularly vulnerable during the winter because they’ve lost all their leaves, and their branches are exposed. As such, it’s often essential to contact an arborist to have them examine your tree and help maintain it to ensure it grows back correctly throughout the year. Tree reinforcements can also get built on your tree to prepare it for a rough season of strong winds and ice.

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Pruning removes branches on a tree to make a tree look more attractive as well as healthier while removing any damaged wood. Pruning is often carried out during the winter because trees don’t have any leaves, making it much easier to see the bare trunk and individual branches. Additionally, this is especially helpful if you plan to keep certain trees and want them to look more appealing and attractive when they start growing leaves again.

Trail Clearing

Trees can often get in the way of a path or trail, or you might be looking to clear a forest area for various reasons. Removing trees can be difficult when trees are full of leaves, which is why many people do forest work during the colder months. It is crucial because wintertime usually means fewer animals are hiding in the trees. As such, you’re less likely to disturb nature when you perform forest work during the winter.


Lastly, tree removals are typically much easier to carry out in the winter. For starters, trees don’t have as many leaves, making removing a tree simple and less messy. Removing trees during the winter is also a good idea, so they don’t become a problem growing leaves in the upcoming spring.

In short, there are many good reasons why you should call an arborist during winter. Many of their most important responsibilities get best carried out during winter. Arborists can help protect trees from a harsh winter and prepare your lawn or backyard for the upcoming spring, giving you peace of mind and making your trees look great.

Arborists have different considerations in winter

One of the quirks of working as an arborist during the winter is that you must keep in mind many factors that could affect how they perform their role. For instance, snow may pile on the ground, making it difficult to access your yard or trees. Trees are also colder to the touch, meaning arborists need to prepare different safety equipment to ensure that they can continue working efficiently through the cold.

The winter is a busy time for arborists

In short, wintertime is a reasonably busy period for arborists. They’re usually some of the more active months for tree care specialists because it’s the best time to perform certain kinds of work. So, to answer the titular question, yes! Arborists work when trees are full of leaves and carry out important work when they shed all their leaves.

If you’re looking for an arborist or need advice on your trees during the upcoming winter, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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