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Are you looking for an Arborist in Edmonton? Look no further. Arbor Man Tree Care is your number 1 choice for all tree care needs!

Edmonton is home to a large variety of tree species. Our city is famous for its amazing summers and our short growing season. If you are looking at keeping your trees and shrubs healthy or shaping your space, contact the team of experts at Arbor Man Tree Care. We offer comprehensive tree care services for whatever your needs.

We specialize in Edmonton tree services, including the following:

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is vital for aesthetic reasons, yes, but also for safety, health and longevity. Pruning large trees should be left to professional as it can be dangerous an requires specialized equipment, skill, as well as advanced knowledge of biology so as to not do damage to tree.

Cabling & Bracing

Tree Cabling & Bracing is added to a tree to make it safer and more stable. Some trees tend to grow in a manner that can sometimes cause them to be unable to support their weight. Giving the tree added support will have less chance of falling if stress, such as high winds, is put upon it. A Certified Arborist can help you determine what action needs to be taken with large multi-trunk trees to make them safer.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your property can be a huge job! If you want to remove a tree from your property in Edmonton, consulting a Certified Arborist is a must. The Arbor Man Tree Care team is highly skilled at any tree removal.

Stump Grinding

After the tree gets removed, the stump will be left behind. Stump grinding is one of the fastest, safest and most environmentally friendly methods of removing this stump. Our team of Certified Arborists can grind the stump down below the existing grade, allowing for developing the space however you want! The mulch created by stump grinding is also environmentally friendly and great for compost.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is vital for maintaining the health and aesthetics of trees or shrubs. The tree will be much healthier by giving trees the proper nutrients at the right time and the precise amounts needed.

Hedge & Shrub Maintenance

By properly caring for your hedge and shrubs, you can increase the curb appeal of your property. Trimming and pruning them will make them healthier and prevent overgrowth, which can quickly become a problem.

Tree Injections

Injecting trees in the trunk or stem with pesticides, fertilizers or plant resistance activators can help trees combat pests or correct nutrient deficiencies. It is a much more effective and efficient way of tree care than spraying and is also less dangerous to children or pets.

Bush Chipping

When trees or shrubs are removed from a property, they are usually chipped through a woodchipper. This is an environmentally friendly way of removing the bush once it has been cleared. An excellent side benefit is that it creates useful mulch and composting material.

Tree Disease & Infection

There are a variety of diseases and insect infections that your tree can have problems with within Edmonton. Contacting an expert as soon as possible is essential to limit the damage to your trees. Click here to learn more about Edmonton’s most common forms of insect infestations and tree disease.

Tree Consultation

Are you still trying to figure out what to do with a problem tree? Consult an expert! Take advantage of an ISA Certified Arborist’s knowledge to make the right choice for the tree’s health, safety, and aesthetic of your property.

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