The essentials of tree pruning

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The essentials of tree pruning

The essentials of tree pruning

Tree pruning is a crucial part of tree maintenance and needs to be an ongoing process that you engage in throughout the life of your tree. Neglecting it can cause damage to your tree and endanger you and your property. For trees in their infancy, early pruning is the most important thing that you can do for them. Most commonly, you prune trees during their dormancy as they will have a healthy growth when springtime comes around.

Here are the three steps that you need to follow when you are going about pruning the trees on your property!  Arbor Man Tree Care is here to help for your properties in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and surrounding Areas!


Before you get down to pruning, you need to start by assessing the tree you will be working on. You need to determine how it is growing and if it is healthy. Sometimes branches on trees can begin to die, and these branches need to be removed for the health of the tree. You also need to look at how the tree is growing. Pruning is an opportunity to change the direction that the tree is growing in and to protect your property if the branches are growing too close to certain places, like your fence or house. Another very important factor is if your tree is for shade or ornamental purposes. You will prune these two types of trees very differently, as one has a job while the other is only meant to be enjoyed.


You must remove any bad branches next. These are branches that are damaged, diseased, or dead. If you can catch diseased branches early, then you may be able to save the whole tree. Branches that are rubbing against one another also need to be removed (only one of the two) so that they do not impede each other’s growth. If a branch is damaged, it also needs to be cut away as you do not want it to die and damage the tree or to break off and damage your property or plants underneath it.


Once you have done this, you need to look at competing branches. Look for places where many branches leave the trunk at the same place. You want to improve spacing by removing one of these branches each year. All branches in the lower third of the trunk also should be removed, as this helps to improve trunk strength. Consider cutting one branch as well if they are crossing, but not yet rubbing.


If this all seems a bit overwhelming, and you are looking for tree pruning services in Sherwood Park or Edmonton, then look no further than Arbor Man Tree Care. Our services are there for all your tree and arborist needs. We will ensure that the trees on your property are healthy and well looked after. Whether you need branches pruned for the health of your trees, or for the safety of your home, we will take care of you and your trees. Call the team at Arbor Man Tree Care today so that we can come to your house and take care of your trees.

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