Fall Tree Care Tips and Tricks

With summer soon coming to an end, it’s time to begin thinking about preparing for the fall and winter months. And no, we don’t mean lining up some binge-able Netflix shows and looking up some cookie recipes. As well as those fun cold-weather activities, it’s time to take action to ensure that your beautiful trees make it to spring in total health. This blog provides tips to keep your trees in tip-top condition.

Fertilize Your Trees

Fertilizing your trees is the most effective way to keep them at their healthiest. During the winter months, a whole host of things can threaten the health of your trees, including compaction, low moisture, and damage from wind, rain, and snow. You can ensure your tree has all the nutrients it needs by adding high-quality fertilizer during the fall months.

Provide Water 

You can hold off on giving water to your trees if they get sufficiently watered during the summer months. The absence of water will help to add a layer of robustness to the tree. However, once they’ve lost their leaves and are in full fall mode, you should give your trees the deep-water treatment. You can add water near the tree’s roots until the soil is moist to the depth of one foot.

fall tree care
take care of trees in fall

Wrap Up Young Trees

To you, your young trees may provide a visually appealing view from your back window. But your young trees will look like a tasty snack to certain animals. When food is in short supply, animals such as deer will turn to young trees for food — and in the process, hinder their growth. You can keep the threat at bay by wrapping plastic around the trees.

Prune Dead Leaves & Branches

Once the leaves have fallen from your trees, it’s time to begin pruning to help eliminate dead or damaged branches. Left untreated, this could invite pests and diseases into the tree. Removing dead branches will improve the tree’s overall aesthetic quality and help protect it from weather-related damage. Damaged branches can compromise the structural integrity of the trees and make more significant breaks more likely.

Final Thoughts

Trees are resilient and robust, but they’ll need a little help if they’re going to make it through the Canadian chill unscathed. Take the above tips, and you’ll know that your trees will look just as good come spring as they did last year. And remember, if you need extra help with tree care, contact us here at Arbor Man Tree Care. With nearly 25 years of experience, we have the expertise to deal with tree-related issues.

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