Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges and shrub offer a vast variety of advantages. Beautiful hedges and shrubs improve curb appeal and can greatly enhance the beauty of your home/garden. Hedges are also a natural way to protect your property, compared to fences.

Hedges and shrubs require regular maintenance such as pruning shrubs, trimming shrubs, trimming bushes, and trimming hedges to keep them looking their best.

It is much better to start pruning shrubs right from a young age and then continue to do minor annual pruning. If it is allowed to overgrow, they’ll end up needing major renewal pruning. Pruning shrubs regularly also help promote healthier shrubs that produce more blooms.

Why It’s So Important to Have Hedges and Shrubs Trimmed


1. To maintain the health of hedges and shrubs.

2. To keeping a hedge looking good.

3. Overgrown parts are removed while trimming

4. Plants become beautiful, healthy and strong.

5. Trimming also helps control the insect.


How Frequently Do Hedges and Shrubs Need to be Trimmed?


1. Boxwood, cedar, hemlock, yew and all other types of slow-growing hedges – Once a Year

2. Shrubs – Once or twice a year

3. Privet hedges – Three times a year

4. Chinese Elm hedges – Five times a year


Although many shrubs may be sheared-off, it is often our preference to prune them by hand, keeping them looking natural and healthy. We also recommend an annual or bi-annual fertilizing program to enhance their vigour and health.

Neatly maintained Hedges and Shrub