Mistakes People Make When Pruning Apple Trees in Alberta

To ensure you get the best result out of your garden, you must actively prune your fruit trees. If you do not take the time to prune your trees correctly, you may find that the growth gets stunted and that you cannot get the most fruit from them every year. You can avoid all this by ensuring you give each tree the care and attention required.

Not Pruning Every Single Year

If you are thinking about skipping out on pruning, you should expect a good harvest of apples this year but a feeble one next year. If you wish to avoid pruning, remove the shoots that appear small or tender. You can also make minor cuts. To avoid damaging the tree, you must hire a quality service like ours. We have years of experience in pruning trees. We are proud to say that we know every type of apple tree, so you can eliminate the guesswork while getting a plentiful harvest every time.

Pruning too Much

If you have not pruned in the last year or so, then make sure you do not over-prune this year. If you do, the tree may find this very stressful, and it can cause your tree to become diseased. One way to avoid this would be to prune a little and complete the rest of the pruning in the coming years, which is the best way to prevent shocking your tree.

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pruning mistakes

Not Pruning at the Right Time

Suppose you make the mistake of pruning your apple tree in early winter. In that case, you make it highly susceptible to winter injuries. Even if it’s not winter, you must be mindful of low temperatures. Early spring and late winter are ideal for pruning as the tree is dormant and yet to experience an active growth period. You can choose to trim in summer, but if you over-prune the tree, it can lead to it becoming weakened. As a result, you may find that your fruit is smaller in size or that the quality is not as good as it could be.

Using the Wrong Tools

Apple trees are known for having different branches of various thicknesses and sizes. Suppose you are using the same tool for every single branch. In that case, there is a high chance that you are making a mistake. Using different tools to do the job correctly prevents damaging the tree. Try and use garden shears so you can slice through the branches that are within reach. Using a tree trimmer makes it possible for you to trim branches that could be out of reach. It is best to call in a professional if you have a very large or tall apple tree. If you don’t, you may do more harm than good.

Leaving Trees Too Dense

If you have too much shade, this will stop the tree from accessing sunlight on the interior or lower branches. Using garden shears to thin out the branches in a dense area can be complicated without the right gear. Hiring our team is always a good idea when dealing with such situations. We can provide you with tree pruning in Edmonton at a very affordable price.

Pruning Without Structure

Always think of your goal when pruning a tree. Snipping away at your apple tree will make it difficult to know when to stop or when you have done enough. If you want to avoid this, then it is imperative that you have an aim and that you also know when you have made the correct number of cuts. Dealing with an overgrown or unruly tree is challenging, but our team knows what to do in situations like this.

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