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Tree Pruning for Sherwood Park & Edmonton

We are one of the best arborist services provider in Edmonton. When it comes to tree pruning, homeowners trust the experts at Arbor Man Tree Care. We’re locally owned, carry nearly 20 years of experience, and have ISA-Certified Arborist on staff. Since you’re here, you are most likely looking for someone to prune a tree or several trees on your property. And, more likely than not, the reason you are seeking a tree care service to perform your pruning is mostly for aesthetic enhancements — and that’s okay! But, did you know regular pruning also keeps trees healthy?

In natural forest settings, falling limbs help to dislodge weak and unhealthy limbs from other trees, as well as their own lower branches. Also, trees naturally cut off nutrients to under-productive branches through a process known as “self-pruning”. Although, the process can take years for the dead limb to fall away, creating a potential a hazard for property and people within the vicinity.

Thinning gives branches the room they need to mature and receive adequate sunlight. It also allows wind to pass more freely through the tree, reducing the risk of branches being broken during a storm or high winds. Proper pruning gives trees a huge health advantage, such as removing dead wood to allow wounds to fully heal. At some point, a rubbing branch will either die or become an entry point for insects, disease, and decay.

Our team will give your trees the professional, quality care they need to thrive and be healthy. For more information on the best arborist services provider in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, Call 780-485-9663 (WOOD)

Tree Pruning