Brush Chipping

Brush Chipping Edmonton

After a tree has been removed or pruned, the debris/wood is chipped through wood chippers. This is a safer and more efficient option than burning the trees. Brush chipping offers a safe and environmentally friendly option for removing brush once it has been cleared.

Arbor Man Tree Care perform chipping services through chippers manufactured by “Vermeer“. All of the mulch that is created from any brush clearing and chipping gets recycled. If you need wood chips or mulch, please inquire.


Wood chips are a form of organic gold and could be used in many forms. The following are some benefits of wood chips:

Mulch: Helps plants retain water and stay warm. In addition, they suppress the growth of weeds in and around garden beds, thus helping you maintain them over time.

Composting material: Wood chips contain a great deal of carbon which helps in improving the condition of the soil. Adding them to compost as a carbon, break down and enrich the dirt, making it much more nutritious for the plants.

Fuel: Act as great fuel, especially as a fire starter. It is also ideal for biomass reactors to power engine.

Erosion control: Prevent soil erosion by creating a barrier to prevent soil loss, especially during heavy showers. Although, this is a temporary solution before you develop a long-term plan.

Walkways: Wood Chips walkway helps even out the ground and provide weed suppression in the garden. Laying down a weed barrier can increase its lifetime.

Play Area: The best alternative to crumb rubber, wood chips help cushion falls and provide a safe, nonslip play surface area.

Decor: Wood chips could be used for decor in the construction of furniture or works of art. Variable color, shape, and pattern can create using wood chips.


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