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Tree Cabling and Bracing Edmonton

If you have a tree that poses a safety risk, contact Arbor Man Tree Care in Edmonton to see if tree cabling and bracing might be an option to stabilize your tree, which would potentially prevent full removal. Cabling and bracing are the processes of adding hardware such as cables, rods, and bolts. Trees tend to grow in such a manner that their physical structure can no longer support their weight—a common phenomenon in mature multi-trunked and trees with open canopies. Cabling and bracing are two techniques to provide supplemental support to trees that present a risk. Although tree support techniques cannot make a tree 100% safe, they can reduce the risks.

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Static: This holds trees rigid and restricts their movement to reduce potential failure.

Dynamic: This system allows a tree’s free movement, encouraging the tree to compensate for its structural weakness naturally by growing reaction wood.

Tree support systems provide extra support to limbs, individual branches, and possibly an entire tree. These systems reduce the movement of the tree and limbs during high winds and storms. These are used in trees that have double leaders or split limbs. These are also used in certain situations where the trunk is damaged and split. An ISA Certified Arborist should perform a risk evaluation before the installation of any support system. If you believe your tree requires cabling and bracing support, contact Arbor Man Tree Care today!



Hardware systems could be used independently or in combination.

Invasive: The process where tree wood is implanted with the hardware system.

Non-Invasive: The process of securely fastening hardware systems around a tree trunk or branches.


Arbor Man Tree Care uses state of the art Cobra Cabling Systems.

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