Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization Edmonton

Deep Root Shrubs and Tree Fertilizing is a vital service for maintaining the beauty and health of trees and shrubs.  Plants require nutrients in order to grow healthy and strong.  In an urban or suburban environment, the trees are forced to compete with turf and other vegetation for a nutrient supply as well as water.  The stress from compacted soil and root space infringement can cause deficiencies.

The Arbor Man advanced nutrient tree fertilization program reintroduces essential nutrients to the soil at precise intervals based on the needs of shrubs and tree.  An ISA Certified Arborist can provide you with best tree fertilizer formula based on certain factors. These factors include soil condition, age, and health of species, location, weather and stress conditions. A sub-surface liquid injection process is utilized to deliver the fertilizer into the soil and tree roots.

There are many benefits to Deep Root Shrubs and Tree Fertilizing. This process restores nutrients into the soil and surrounding roots. It also aerates and waters the soil and roots through pressurized injection of the fertilizer solution.

In a natural setting, dead branches and leaves that fall from trees gradually decompose and eventually break down, replenishing the soil’s nutrient base. However, within urban and architecturally landscaped environments, debris from trees and surrounding vegetation is removed, eliminating this natural process of decay and soil nutrient replenishment.

Although topical and granular fertilization can be beneficial in supplying nutrients to the soil, they are taken up by surface vegetation such as turf. This limits the number of nutrients that trees are able to access.

Root Fertilization is the only effective way of guaranteeing that your tree and shrub roots are sufficiently provided with adequate nutrients increasing their overall health and sustainability.

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