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Stump Grinding in Edmonton

Do you have an unsightly stump in your yard that you need to remove? Stumps cause various issues for homeowners, such as safety concerns and poor aesthetics. If you have a large stump, the best solution is grinding. Arbor Man Tree Care has provided expert Stump Grinding services in Edmonton for over 20 years. Our team has the expertise and equipment to complete the job correctly, safely, and cost-effectively.

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At Arbor Man Tree Care, our focus is on providing a high-quality level of service and leaving every customer satisfied. Leaving a tree stump behind can be a significant inconvenience. Picture yourself moving into a new home and stumbling across a massive tree stump in your backyard—an unpleasant experience, to be sure! As the home seller or new homeowner, call the Arbor Man Tree Care experts. We will eliminate that eyesore and give you a much more appealing backyard.

Completing the disposal process by yourself can be expensive, time-consuming, and not to mention dangerous. As you can imagine, purchasing the necessary machinery and equipment to grind a stump properly is very costly. The work involved will take up a great deal of your spare time. Only professional tree care specialists should attempt stump grinding as it is dangerous. We recommend you save time and money. Leave the stump grinding to a professional.

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What do I do With the Mulch from Stump Grinding?

Once you have ground a stump, a large pile of high-quality mulch will remain. Many clients ask us what to do with the leftover mulch. There are many steps you can take with the remaining mulch. These include:

– Make sure to remove the mulch from grass or sod. The mulch will prevent proper growth.
– You can fill the hole where the stump once was with the stump grindings. You would then top it up with high-quality topsoil.
– Spread the stump grinding over your soil or flower garden. The mulch will slowly decompose and provide high-quality nutrients for the earth.
– Mulch from stump grinding can make great compost. It will slowly decompose, and your garden will eventually have nutrient-rich, high-quality compost.

What is a Stump Grinder?

A stump grinder or stump cutter is a power machine attachment that removes tree stumps. The machine has a rotating cutting disc that chips the wood. This machine eliminates a stump by cutting the wood down until the stump is gone. The stump grinder turns the stump into easily handled mulch.

What Remains of a Stump After Tree Removal?

Stump grinders are the best option for homeowners who want to remove a tree stump. We have removal tools such as chainsaws, trunk grinders, cutters, and other job-specific machines and equipment. Once completed, backfill the hole with the mulch created by grinding the stump. The remaining mulch is also great for ground cover, gardens, and flowerbeds.

Why is Stump Grinding Important?

Stump grinding improves the safety and accessibility of your lawn. Stumps can cause a tripping hazard in your yard, and removing the stump reduces the risk of having a friend or family member fall and hurt themselves. Along with this, there is nothing more frustrating than having to navigate around these rogue stumps when mowing your lawn. Accidentally running over a smaller stump with your lawnmower can result in small projectiles being launched from the mower and harming a person or surrounding property.

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Hiring a professional tree service company is the best way to deal with your leftover stump. It helps you save time and money and is a more cost-effective solution. We always recommend contacting an expert for Stump Grinding or Removal. Call Arbor Man Tree Service now at 780-485-9663 for a free quotation.

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