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Stump Removal in Edmonton

Have you recently chopped down trees in your yard and are now left with unsightly stumps? If so, you may want to consider having your stumps removed. Arbor Man provides expert stump removal in Edmonton and surrounding communities. The most common method for stump removal is stump grinding. Arbor Man Tree Care is Edmonton’s premier locally owned tree care service. Call their team today with questions on how to handle your stump removal project in Edmonton.

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Once you remove a tree, you are typically left with an old, unsightly stump to deal with and navigate around. Sometimes, the only option you have is to cut down a tree, but no one wants to deal with the disposal of a tree stump left in the ground for years, particularly if it was a large tree!

Stump removal involves removing both the stump along with the root ball of the tree. Full stump removal is much more labour-intensive and expensive compared to stump grinding. Most of the time, stump grinding is a far better alternative for removing a stump. The experts with Arbor Man Tree Care will provide you with the advice required to decide which stump removal method is best for you.

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Stump Removal Methods

There are different ways to remove tree stumps, and the best options are dependent on the situation or the kind of environment. The most used methods and our area of expertise is stump grinding. Arbor Man Tree Care performs stump grinding to a level below the existing grade to allow for future planting, construction, or landscaping. Generally, we can grind down to a 12-inch depth using our state-of-the-art stump grinders. We have three different sizes of stump grinders ranging from small to large to handle any stump grinding job.

Other tree service companies may recommend the option of using chemicals, which will accelerate the process of natural tree decay. This process can take many months or years before the stump is completely gone, which leaves your children or pets at risk for the entire tree rotting period. It may be an option for removing many stumps in a controlled area; however, experts do not recommend this since there is an overall risk of soil contamination.


Why Remove a Stump?

Tree stumps take up space in your yard and can make it look overcrowded. If left unattended, these stumps can decrease your property value and even turn off potential buyers. Once the tree stump has been ground down and disposed of, you will find yourself left with more yard space and improved aesthetics for your property. Stump removal will provide you with extra room to improve your landscaping and maybe even consider adding a flower bed, BBQ pit, pool, or planting a new tree.


Helps Avoid Unwanted Growth and Pests

If a stump is left behind after cutting the tree, unwanted plants and weeds sprout up around the stump. These plants/weeds can absorb the soil’s water and nutrients, damaging the nearby valuable plants. Leftover tree stumps can also be an inviting home for insects and rodents, which can also play havoc on your yard and surrounding vegetation.

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