Tree Consultation

Tree Consultation Edmonton

Contact the Arborists with Arbor Man Tree Care for a consultation if you are concerned about your trees because:

  • Many trees are on my property, and I want to ensure they are healthy.
  • I suspect disease or insect issues.
  • I want information regarding how best to maintain my trees and shrubs.
  • I want to know if my trees pose an undue risk to the public or property.

Please take advantage of our education and experience. If you have any issues with your trees, have an ISA Certified Arborist from Arbor Man take a look! Arbor Man currently employs seven ISA Certified Arborists. Each employee has been professionally trained in all aspects of tree care to provide the best tree consultation services in Edmonton.

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Tree Consultation Services by Arbor Man Tree Care

A tree consultation involves the assessment of the tree’s overall health. The consultation includes all environmental factors, such as light, water, temperature, soil, and potential growth restrictions. It also involves the assessment of the tree for signs and symptoms of the disease. Arbor Man’s Certified Arborists will help you with an onsite inspection and evaluation. This assessment will help you plan to deal with your tree or shrub problems.

Our arborists are certified by the ISA and have attended tree insect disease management and risk assessment courses. Our team’s extensive experience will expertly guide you to the best outcome for your tree and shrub health.

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IML Resistograph Services

In the context of tree care and tree inspection, our instrument helps expose inner defects such as:

  • Detects various stages of rot
  • Recognize compressed separation zones
  • Locates ring shakes, cracks and cavities

The inspection drill captures resistance data that illustrates issues found inside the wood.

Our Arborists utilize the inspection drill to help prevent unnecessary tree removal by taking the extra step to provide interpretive data on the internal state of the wood.

The inspection drill technology increases accuracy with detailed information that is especially valuable when inspecting trees in high-profile locations such as playgrounds, universities, parks, or golf courses.

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