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Tree injection, also known as the trunk or stem injection, is a method of injecting pesticides, fertilizers or plant resistance activators into a tree’s xylem vascular tissue. Injections are performed to protect the tree from pests or provide nutrition for the correction of nutrient deficiencies.

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Our Process

Arbor Man uses state of the art injecting technology from the ARBORJET Systemic tree Injection System. For decades, it has been effectively used in the USA as a fast and effective method for controlling tree diseases. Although trunk injections are relatively new to Canada, it has been effectively used in the USA for decades as a fast and effective method for controlling tree diseases. Systemic tree injections are considered a much more environmentally friendly alternative to spraying. The systemic insecticides are injected under high pressure into the tree’s wood (xylem tissue). It prevents the chemical from being sprayed into the air and surrounding environment and significantly limits exposure to humans and pets.

Systemic injections can protect the whole tree and provide much better coverage for specific pests that spraying cannot, such as leaf rollers and miners. Currently, it is the only treatment technique that can help save a tree infected with a Bronze Birch Borer. Treatment involves drilling a few small holes into the tree’s base, the formulation is then injected, and an arbour plug is placed to seal the holes. Bark will grow back ultimately over the arbour plug in 1-2 years.

Formulations injected into the trunk reach the branches, stems, leaves and even the roots. Some insecticide formulations will protect trees for several years with a single injection. The cost of tree injection depends on the site distance, tree diameter, and the number of trees. However, this cost is significantly less than removing and replacing an established tree.

Some commonly treatable tree diseases with systemic injections include:

  • Fire Blight
  • Bronze Birch Borer
  • Birch Leaf Miner
  • Aphids
  • Spruce Sawfly
  • Cottony Psyllid

If you have a tree infected with a tree disease, contact the Arborists with Arbor Man Tree Care to see if a tree injection is a viable solution to save your tree from having to be removed. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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