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Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Edmonton

Tree Pruning is often requested for aesthetic reasons by home and property owners. However, this is an essential part of maintaining the health of trees and shrubs. In a natural forest setting, falling limbs help to dislodge weak and unhealthy limbs from other trees as well as their own lower branches.

All trees naturally cut off their nutrients to under-productive branches through a process known as “Self-pruning.” This process can take years for the dead limb to fall away, creating a potential safety hazard for the property and people in the vicinity.

Pruning of trees provides healthy growth and space to branches to mature and receive adequate sunlight. The pruning enables wind to pass more freely through, thus reduces the risk of branches being broken during a storm or high winds.



At some point, a rubbing branch will either die or become an entry point for insects, disease, and decay. To improve the overall health of the tree and to reduce potential diseased, infection or disease pruning and removal of the dead wood is quite essential.

Arbor Man tree care team provide trees with the professional, quality care they need to thrive and be healthy. For more information on tree pruning in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding areas, please call or email.

Pruning Large Trees

Large trees pruning should be left to qualified tree care professionals with proper equipment.

Most Common Types of Pruning:

  • Thinning the crown: Cutting selective branches on young trees throughout the crown.
  • Raising the crown: Displacement of lower branches on mature trees.
  • Reducing the crown: Cutting off larger branches at the top of the tree to reduce their height.
  • Cleaning the crown: Selective removal of dead, dying and diseased wood from the crown.

Winter Tree Pruning Services

Did you know that winter is actually the best time to trim and prune trees while they are dormant? Contact our team to learn more!

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