Arbor Man Sherwood Park

Arbor Man Tree Care is in Sherwood Park with over 28 years’ experience!

Mike Burge and his team of Certified ISA Arborists have been working on trees in Sherwood Park for over 28 years. Sherwood park is a community located in Strathcona county. It is an area known for its wetlands, green spaces and beauty. We have extensive experience in the Sherwood Park area and would love to help you with any of your Arborist needs!

Here are some of the services we provide.

Tree Pruning

As any homeowner knows, tree pruning is an essential part of tree care. Not only does it increase the curb appeal of your property, but it also makes the trees healthier and safer.

Cabling & Bracing

Keeping your trees safe and upright is a priority to many property owners in Sherwood Park. With our cabling and bracing techniques, we can give your trees added stability and the ability to resist high winds or heavy snow.

Tree Removal

Trees can become a problem or hazard during their lifetime. Tree removal is a service that Arbor Man proudly offers. It is done by experienced, well trained professionals who have safety as their number 1 objective. Felling or removing trees can be both dangerous to people and to property. Please consult an expert.

Stump Grinding

Taking care of stumps on your property is a priority to many property owners in Sherwood Park. After a tree has been removed; we are left with a stump. There are a few ways to remove stumps but none are as efficient and environmentally friendly as stump grinding.

Tree Disease & Infection

If your tree is looking unhealthy and you suspect an insect infestation or tree disease, please contact us today. Our team of Arborists has seen it all and know exactly how to treat either of these problems.

Tree Consultation

Not sure which direction you want to go with your trees or shrubs? Are you not sure what needs to be done to keep your trees safe and looking good? Consult an expert. Our Team of I.S.A Certified Arborists will help you go in the right direction from the start.

Tree Injections

Tree injections can help a tree ward off disease or help a tree become healthier with the right nutrients. It is a process that while very simple, is exact and will make a big difference with low impact to the tree. Please inquire about Arbor Man’s Tree injection service.

Bush Chipping

When clearing land of brush or trees, we are left with excess wood. This can be difficult to dispose of safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. By using our bush chipping service, we can quickly, efficiently and safely remove the excess wood from your property in an environmentally friendly way. This process also creates mulch which has a variety of great uses as well!

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