Arbor Man St. Albert

Arbor Man Tree Care is an Excellent Choice for an Aborist in St. Albert!

St. Albert is well known for its amazing trees and park systems. The Red Willow Park trail system is one of the most beautiful places in the greater Edmonton Area. St. Albert has trees everywhere, and they must be cared for properly! Contact our Arbor Man Tree care team for a professional consultation from an ISA Certified Arborist!

We specialize in the following areas of tree care:

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning in St. Albert is essential to maintaining the health of your trees. It also makes the tree look better and keeps the desired shape. A properly pruned tree looks significantly better than one that isn’t. Safety is another significant benefit of pruning your trees. Dead, falling branches are unsightly and dangerous. A professional Arborist can help you prune your trees correctly and maintain their health.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees love to grow. Sometimes, they grow too much and become unstable, especially with trees with multiple trunks. By cabling or bracing your trees, you can keep them from falling over during high winds or heavy precipitation. Falling trees can be dangerous to people and can also damage property. Contact a professional if you want a tree to be cabled or braced.

Tree Removal

Cutting down a tree is a dangerous task. Trees are heavy and complex, and they can cause damage to property or injury to people. Tree removal should only be conducted by a professional, and our team of experts is standing by to help!

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed, a stump is left behind. Stumps can be dangerous and prevent the surrounding space from being used for anything else. It takes many years for a stump to decay naturally. By grinding the stump below the grade of the property, it is not only removed easily but also environmentally friendly. The grinding process produces mulch, which is great for any area. If you are looking for stump grinding in St. Albert, call us today!

Tree Disease & Infection

Insects and diseases can cause various severe problems with trees in St. Albert. From Black Knot to Poplar Borer, our team of Arborists is here to help!

Tree Consultation

Are you having trouble making decisions about a troublesome tree? It’s time to seek guidance from an ISA Certified Arborist. Their expertise can help you make the best choices for the tree’s well-being, safety, and appearance on your property.

Tree Injections

Tree injection is a process in which a Certified Arborist drills a small hole in the tree and injects it with nutrients, medication for disease, or other products. These injections are highly effective and efficient tree care methods that improve the tree’s overall health and help it ward off disease.

Bush Chipping

When land is cleared of shrubs or trees, there is a lot of wood to dispose of, and the most efficient and environmentally safe way of doing so is bush chipping. The trees are turned into mulch, which has a variety of uses.

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