Winter Tree Care Tips Edmonton

Tips from your Arborist for Winter Tree Care in Edmonton

Tips from your Arborist for Winter Tree Care in Edmonton

Winter is coming!  Oh no!  Edmonton winters can be particularly hard on your trees.  Here are some Edmonton Arborist tips to keep your trees healthy into the next year!

Here is an additional Guide that might help you out.

  • Prevent Sunscald. What is sunscald?  It is when, typically, one side of your tree is exposed to the sun.  This can happen in Edmonton’s chaotic hot and cold winters.  If the sun reflects off the snow and heats up one side of your tree, you could have a problem with sunscald.  Wrapping, painting or shading your tree can prevent this.
  • Mulching can benefit your tree all year around but, in the winter, it is especially important for young trees.  Having a mulch layer 2 – 3 inches thick keeps the temperature more stable for the trees root system.  It can prevent damage from Edmonton’s quickly changing climate.
  • Late Fall pruning is a great time for limited functional pruning.  This is to remove dying, dead or diseased branches or to improve the branching structure of the tree.  Please do not over-prune as the tree has to expend resources to heal the pruning wounds and it is about to go into winter.

Even though trees go into hibernation in the winter it does not mean that they are inactive.  They just have a very low activity level.   If you take care of your tree with these simple steps it will have a great start to spring!


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