Tips on How to Protect Trees in The Winter in Edmonton

Winter Tree Care Tips Edmonton

Tips on How to Protect Trees in The Winter in Edmonton

Tips on How to Protect Trees in The Winter in Edmonton

This article will help guide you through the process of protecting your trees during the winter.  Edmonton experiences harsh winters with large temperature variances.  The harsh cold and temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on the health of individual trees. This article will provide you with helpful tips on protecting your trees during the winter best.  We always suggest consulting a Certified Arborist if you have any questions related to tree care.

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This article will provide the following:

  • A brief overview of what causes tree damage during the winter.
  • Tips on how to protect your trees during the winter months.


What Causes Winter Tree Damage? How to Prevent the Issues

Below are some helpful tree care tips for you to consider.  We recommend arranging a tree care consultation with a Certified Arborist to ensure you are using the proper winter care process for the types of trees you have on your property.


Causes: frost cracking is a relatively common issue trees face in the winter, especially when faced with fluctuating temperatures.  The warming of water in direct sun coupled with fast overnight-freezing can cause cracks to appear.

Prevention Tips: Wrapping a young tree is a great way to prevent this type of damage. The problem is more challenging to overcome with larger trees as they are harder to protect due to their size.  If you are starting a new landscaping project, make sure to consult a Certified Arborist to help you select trees best adapted for our climate.



Causes: Soil moisture loss can cause issues to a tree’s root system.  Dry winter soil can cause the tree roots to dry out.  This drying out process in the roots will also dry out the rest of the tree. Properly insulating the ground will help to avoid excessive moisture loss.

Prevention Tips: Mulching can benefit your tree all year round but, in the winter, it is vital for young trees.  A 2-3 inch thick mulch layer keeps the temperature more stable for the tree’s root system.  It can prevent damage from Edmonton’s quickly changing climate.  The mulch will provide an insulating protective layer.  We recommend you continue to water your trees in the late fall until the ground freezes to ensure the soil has adequate moisture content.



Causes: It is when, typically, one side of your tree is exposed to the sun.  Sunscald can happen in Edmonton’s hot and cold winters.  If the sun reflects off the snow and heats one side of your tree, you could have a problem with sunscald.

Prevention Tips: Wrapping or shading your tree can help prevent sunscald.  Using burlap screens is a standard method of shading vulnerable trees. We recommend protecting vulnerable trees that are south-facing trees.



Causes: Heavy snow or frost build-up on branches can cause damage.  This issue is even more significant in younger trees or on small branches.

Prevention Tips: Wrapping younger trees or properly tying branches together can prevent heavy snow and frost build-up.  They should limit the issue of seeing branches crack or break entirely. Proper pruning will also prevent potential winter snow damage.  We encourage speaking with a Certified Arborist to determine a proper pruning schedule for your tree.



Causes: Even though trees hibernate in the winter, they are not inactive.  They have an exceptionally low activity level during the winter.  If you take care of your tree with the simple steps mentioned above, your tree will have a great start to the spring!

Prevention Tips: Late Fall or winter pruning is an excellent time for limited functional pruning.  Pruning removes dying, dead or diseased branches and can improve the tree’s branching structure.

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Final Thoughts

Trees provide endless benefits for your property.  They offer both aesthetic and property-value benefits.  Considering the harsh weather we face during Edmonton winters, proper winter tree care is crucial.  Contact the experts today with Arbor Man Tree Care to schedule a consultation.  We will provide you will all the information you require to manage your trees over the winter best.

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