Top 5 Tips for Tree Pruning Edmonton

Tree Pruning tip in Edmonton by arbor man tree care

Top 5 Tips for Tree Pruning Edmonton

Top 5 Tips for Tree Pruning

Spring is just around the corner!
Are your trees ready for the warm weather? Here are some tips and tricks to get your trees healthy and looking great.

Tree Pruning Edmonton

1. Figure out what you are up against. What kind of trees do you have? Are they healthy? Trees grow very well in Edmonton’s’ brief summer season. Depending on the type of tree, the right season to prune is vital to your success. Here is a document that will help you determine what time is best for your tree. Tree Pruning for your Tree

2. Get the right tools for the job. Don’t cut corners. Cheap tools are cheap, you’ll thank me later. For small branches use scissor action secateurs. Try lopping shears for larger branches and pruning saws are great for those tight spaces. Chainsaws are easy but they generally cause more problems than they solve.

3. What do you want your tree to look like? Plan before you start chopping away. Find the strongest vertical stem and prune the other vertical stems so they become lateral stems. This part is pretty tricky. Make sure you consult a professional or checkout YouTube tutorials before you proceed. Here is an example. Tree Pruning Video

4. Prune your horizontal branches. After you’ve got your vertical branches sorted out you need to establish your lowest permanent branch. The height has a lot to do with what the tree is for. You need to select your scaffold branches. These should be chosen for good attachment, and spaced around the circumference of the trunk.

5. Contact a professional. Tree pruning should not remove more than 25% of your tree per year and can take up to 25 years done every year to get your tree just right. Experience here matters. Get advice or hire a professional before you get going.

If you are looking to hire an expert for tree pruning Edmonton call the guys at Arbor Man Tree Care!

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