What is a Fair Price for Tree Removal?

If you are looking for Tree Removal Services in Edmonton, you may wonder how much it will cost. This guide will walk you through the costs and help you understand the challenges involved in tree removal. Generally, it is best to leave the job to a Certified Arborist.

When deciding on an Arborist to hire, the tree removal cost is an essential factor. A company with the lowest price may be desirable on paper, but this is a job that only certified professionals should handle due to the dangerous nature of the work involved.

A certified arborist uses highly trained, educated, and skilled employees to ensure your job meets all your expectations. See our article 7 Reasons to Choose a Certified Arborist to learn more.

With tree removal services, multiple factors go into the price. When making a quote, we will break down an arborist’s variables that affect the price.

Tree Sizes

The size of your tree will be the primary factor that will determine how much you will pay to have it removed.

We base tree size on the following:

  • Total height of the tree
  • Diameter of the trunk
  • Number of branches to be removed

Removing a large tree will require more time, specialized equipment, and manpower than a smaller tree.

Here is an example of how Arborists categorize tree size and the average price for the tree to be cut down.

  • Small trees up to 30 feet tall – $150 to $475
  • Medium trees from 30 feet to 60 feet tall – $200 to $975
  • Large trees from 60 feet to 80 feet tall – $450 to $1200
  • Extra-large trees from 80 feet to 100 feet tall – $1000+

In Edmonton, the cost of tree removal can vary greatly, but on average, you can expect to pay between $400-$900. To get a quote on tree removal, Contact Arbor Man Tree Care today.

Tree Condition

Arborists evaluate the condition of the tree to determine how they will execute the removal and what equipment will be needed.

It is generally structurally weaker if the tree is dying, dead, rotted, or diseased. It presents additional challenges compared to a healthy tree. Unhealthy trees come with their own set of safety and logistics problems.

An Arborist will likely need to inspect the tree to provide the most accurate quote.

Location & Accessibility

The tree’s location is essential for an Arborist to determine the job’s complexity and equipment required. Any potential obstacles in the way will need to be known beforehand.

A tree in a location with the potential to cause damage to a property will typically require the tree to be cut into smaller pieces and roped down. This situation will require more workers, time, and equipment and cost more. 

Services Available

There is more to Tree Removal than just cutting the tree down. If you require extra services, please clarify all your needs in the initial Tree Consultation.

A Tree Removal quote may include the following services:

  • Cutting down the tree.
  • Pruning, chipping and hauling tree branches from the property.
  • Cutting the trunk into smaller pieces and removing it from the property.
  • Stump removal or Stump Grinding
  • Travel expenses.
  • Thorough clean-up of property and removal of all debris.

When it comes to Tree Removal, it is essential to remember that a lower price often results in a lower level of quality. Tree Removal is a dangerous job that only a highly trained and experienced Arborist should do.

Get the job done safely and correctly by contacting Arbor Man Tree Care today!

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