Why Chose Tree Injections to Deal with Pests?

Tree Infection Injections Edmonton

Why Chose Tree Injections to Deal with Pests?

Why Chose Tree Injections to Deal with Pests?

Does your tree have a pest or insect infestation? 

Tree Injections are the best & safest method for pest control!

Arbor Man Tree Care offers pest control tree injection for their clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  Previously, there were only two ways to deal with tree pests; either spray the tree or remove the tree entirely.  Arbor Man Tree Care is proud to be the first tree care company in Edmonton that offers tree trunk injections for tree insect and pest control.

Tree injections inject a 100% safe solution into the trunk that is absorbed and begins to work quickly to kill the pests affecting your tree.  Systemic Tree Injections are proven as the best method to protect your tree from pests.


3 Reasons to Choose Tree injections Edmonton

1. Cost

Systemic Tree Injections have a very quick application process; therefore, Arborists are able to offer a very fair price to clients to help control their tree insect and pests. Contact Arbor Man Tree Care to learn more about costs for these treatments.

2. Environmentally Safe

Systems Tree Injections go directly into the tree and are completely environmentally friendly.  The injections are kid, pet, and family friendly – but not pest friendly!

3. Simple & Effective

Systemic Tree Injections are a quick & simple process for a certified Arborist.  The process involves first measuring the trunk diameter to calculate the amount of treatment liquid required.  Secondly, small holes are drilled around the base of the tree.  Third, plugs are placed around the lower diameter around the tree.  Lastly, the treatment liquid is injection directly into the tree.  The treatment is then absorbed directly into the trees vascular system.


Hire a Certified Arborist!

Why chose a certified Arborist to deal with your tree pests or insects?

System tree injections as the best and safest method to treat pest or insects.  To ensure that you do not kill your tree and deal with the pests It is very important to remember to only hire certified Arborists for this process.

The amount of treatment liquid that is injected into the tree has to be carefully calculated.  If you don’t inject enough, it won’t be effective, and if you inject too much, you could harm your tree.  Systemic tree injections should not be attempted by homeowners or by tree professionals who aren’t certified Arborist. The large team of certified Arborist with Arbor Man Tree Care would be happy to help. Visit us Today!


If you have more questions about Systemic Tree Injections, please feel free to contact our team or you can visit Arbor Jet to learn more.

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